Gaming | 15/11/19: Endless Network

Launching The Endless Mission: My Dream Game

I’ve been dreaming about this moment for five years. We are launching our Endless game!

About five years ago, our team at Endless realized that many of our engineers learned to code as kids when they realized that they could hack their video games. We started imagining a game in which everything could be hacked. What might that look like? Our amazing partners at E-Line, the creators of and Never Alone, joined and magic started to happen.

As we started developing the game, a narrative started to unfold in which “The Academy” is calling you on an adventure to free a generation from the forces that control their code, all in an adventure game that lives within a game creation engine. I am still blown away by the ambition of the game that has unfolded. This game now allows you, the player, to hack games across genres, build your own 3D games with high-quality assets, share them with your friends, and hack their games too. The scope of this dream grew into a universe in which the players are the heroes in both the digital and real world. 

This game has been in development for years. It launched today on Steam Early Access. 

It’s an honor to introduce you to The Endless Mission:

Here is our first ever review and more keep coming. I’m so happy to see the reactions.

We are all shaped by the technology that we interact with. Yet we rarely know how it all works. Our goal is to empower players to be able to create, and not just consume, their games and technology. Achieving this at scale is all about making a wildly fun game. Sandbox games like Minecraft and Roblox have been an inspiration, and we wanted to grow the genre to include the ability to hack, mod, and create across diverse genres, made possible by the powerful Unity game-making platform. In the process, we want to unlock the power of creation to everyone.

The delight that we’ve felt in building this game is the same that we hope to bring to our users. We hope that you’ll join us on this journey of building The Endless Mission into what you want.

You can find the game on Steam:

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